Digital Crisp FAQS

What if someone calls me on the phone but I am already talking to someone else on the same phone?

To take another incoming call press the flash button once. The first call will be on hold and you will be connected to the second call.

How do I set up my phone to make calls forwarded?

log into your account online @

Click Settings on the Features list

Once the settings screen appears, locate the appropriate Call Forward feature

To activate, click On and enter the 10-digit phone number where you want to forward your calls. If activating Call Forward Don’t Answer,select the appropriate number of rings from the drop down list.

Click Save

To deactivate, click Off

Click save

How do I view my Call Logs?

Login in to your online account @

Click Call Logs on the feature list and a screen will display your incoming and outgoing calls

To view your incoming calls, click Incoming

To view your outgoing calls, click Outgoing

How do I make a call with two other people at once?

While on the first call, press the flash button

Listen for a dial tone

Dial your other party’s number

When you are ready to add the original caller, press the flash button again

How do I set up my voicemail?

Dial [*][9][8] from your phone

Enter your temporary passcode [8642] and press [#] key

You will receive a prompt telling you the passcode has expired, and prompting you to enter a permanent passcode and press[#]

Once you have entered the permanent passcode and pressed [#], you will receive another prompt asking you to re-enter it and press [#]

Follow the rest of the prompts to record your name and your greetings