Frequently Asked Questions

Receive voicemail messages via email for up to 5 email addresses.

1. Login to online account
2. Click Settings
3. Click the View / Edit option following Voicemail
4. Select Use Unified Messaging or Forward to this Email Address
5. (OPTIONAL) Enter destination Voicemail to Email Notification Address(es)
Enter up to five email addresses for Use Unified Messaging
Enter a single email address for Forwarding to this Email Address
Check to Enable / Uncheck to Disable Phone Message Waiting Indicator
6. Check to Enable / Uncheck to Disable additional Voicemail to Email options
Notify me by Email of the new message of this address
E-mail a carbon of the message to
Transfer on ‘0’ to Phone Number
7. (OPTIONAL) Enter Email Address(es) / 10-Digit Phone Number following enabled option(s)
8. Click Save

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