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iPhone 6 Outgoing Username Password Settings

Step 1

  • Select 'Settings' from the home page
  • Scroll down and Select 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars'.

Step 2

  • Select the email account to modify.
iPhone / iTouch - Step 2 - Click email account you wish to add AuthSMTP outgoing email service to

Step 3

  • Scroll down to 'Outgoing Mail Server' and click 'SMTP'.
iPhone / iTouch - Step 3 - Scroll down to Outgoing Mail Server and click SMTP

Step 4

  • Make sure the slider is 'On' and enter the HOST NAME ( User Name (youruser) PASSWORD (given to you by AUTHENTICATION set to "PASSWORD"
iPhone / iTouch - Step 5 - Move slider to On, enter AuthSMTP outgoing mail server, enter AuthSMTP username and password, change Use SSL to Off and then click on Authentication

Step 5

  • Click on the 'Server Port' and change to port 587.
iPhone / iTouch - Step 7 - Click on Server Port and change to the alternative SMTP port 2525, go back to the main Settings page and the setup of the authenticated outgoing email relay service is complete

Step 6

  • Go back until you get back to the main 'Settings' page.
  • All Done!

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