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Betsy Duchess of Adorable-ness
Born 1/14/07

Betsy is a Crestadoodle, 1/2 Chinese Crested & 1/2 Toy Poodle.......Betsy is our miracle baby. Molly had 3 babies & only Betsy survived. Betsy is a happy & loving little girl with lots of love to go around. And Jeffie loves her!



                                             Betsy's Mommy  "Molly"                                   Betsy's Daddy  "Blogger" 

                                              AKC-Chinese Crested                                                AKC-Toy Poodle                                 



Betsy at 3 weeks

Betsy at 4 weeks



Betsy at 6 weeks


Betsy at 8 weeks



                   Betsy at 10 weeks                                                         Betsy at 4-1/2 months



                                             Betsy 6 months old with Aussie                                                       



 Betsy's First Baby Teeth






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