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Kenny Duke of Cuddle-ness
Born 2/3/08

Kenny is a Crestadoodle, 1/2 Chinese Crested & 1/2 Toy Poodle.

                                                      Kenny is half brother to Betsy



                                             Kenny's Dad-Blogger                                       Kenny's Mom-Tinker

                                                  AKC Toy Poodle                                             AKC Chinese Crested




                                                            Kenny at 3 days                                            Kenny at 2- 1/2 weeks



                                                                                      Kenny at 3 weeks



                                                                            Kenny at 5 weeks     



                                                    Kenny at 11 weeks with Jeffie & Betsy                                                                                    


                                 Kenny at 11 weeks with Molly                                               Kenny's baby teeth   



                          Post-op Kenny 9/22/08                              Kenny Dec 2008



                                    Kenny 2012







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