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Hi folks,

My name is Cookie, guess you figured that out from my web page name!

I was born July 18,1995. and will be 13. I got named after my Grand mom, her nick name was Cookie. I was hatched 2 days before Bev's wonderful Mom passed away.

My breeder was Shawn and Julie Lenz, they were Bev and Tom's neighbors before they moved to their present location in north auburn. Shawn and Julie hand raised me and when I was 3 months old Bev and Tom took over. There were two eggs in my hatch and the other was my little brother.


Can I talk, you bet. And I can dance. But most of all I am a cuddle birdie.

I can say, I Love you, Bad Bird, Hello, Cookie Birdie, Pretty Bird and a few other things that no one can understand, since humans don't speak birdie.

P.S. I'MA mama's girl but I loves my Daddy too!


OK, Toby, ya want
 to dance


Mom has a new camera so now I am going to have to
pose all the time for her


If I do a trick will you
feed me real food

OK, Mom, how long do I 
have to hang like this




                                           Peek-a-Boo Birdie                                        Yikes, don't scare me like that



                                                                                         Just playing around!



  Hanging out with Chia!



Sharing dinner with Daddy




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