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Cambridge University
W.H. Freeman
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Book reference

AcqWeb's Directory of Book Reviews on the Web
AcqWeb's Directory of Publishers and Vendors
Book Awards
BookWeb: Online Bookstore Directory
Ring of Book Reviews -- Mostly fiction.


Book Review.com
Insite Reviews
Booklist Home Page
Booknews -- reviews in science and technology college +
BookPage -- Reviews new books, not much science.
BookWire Reviews
Danny Yee's Book Reviews
E-Streams -- Monthly review of science and technology books.
Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship -- Includes reviews.
January Magazine
Midwest Book Review -- Short description, no date.
Natural History Book Service - BookNet -- Short descriptions, no ISBN. Good Source for titles.
New York Review of Books
NewPages Guide to Book Reviews
PhysicsWeb Book Search
U of Toronto Astronomy Library Book and Software Reviews -- Index to reviews in periodicals.
Washington Post: BookWorld

Computer and internet book reviews

Dr. Dobb's Electronic Review of Computer Books
Microsoft Press Online Book Store
SmartBooks: Internet Books Home -- Descriptions. Very good book news section
Telecommunications Electronic Reviews - TER
Web Developer's Journal - Book Reviews

Magazine and newspaper reviews

ForeWord Magazine Online
Los Angeles Times Books
New Scientist -- Best Seller Lists in Science with some reviews from New Scientist.
The Scientists' Bookshelf -- Reviews from the American Scientist.

Computer book sources

Cathy's News and Reviews
Manning Publications -- Books described in detail with excerpts.
O'Reilly & Associates
Peachpit's Home Page
Quantum Books -- Includes abstracts. Technical and computers.
Softpro Computer Books -- ++ Descriptions.
Wiley Computer Publishing Press Room

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Amazon Search
AMS Bookstore -- American Mathematical Society.
Artech House
ASCE Publications (New Book Listings)
The Association of American University Presses Online Catalog
Balogh Scientific Books, botany books, zoology, ecology
Barnes and Noble
The Book Pl@ce
BookBrowse -- Book excerpts online.
BookPool -- Technical books.
Chemical Education Resource Shelf -- Includes index to chemistry textbooks in print.
CHS Publications -- California history.
The Combined Book Exhibit -- Includes CD-ROMS and videos. Can be searched by Dewey number.
CSIRO Publishing - Books
Databoat: Boating Books
Exploratorium Publications
Genealogy Books
Government Printing Office
H. W. Wilson Home Page
HarperCollins Publishers -- Lists new releases with description.
The Internet Book Shop
Koeltz Scientific Books
Lark Books -- Crafts.
McFarland online catalog!
National Academy Press
NHBS Booknet -- Science.
OMEGA Engineering Book of Books
Opamp Technical Books -- Short description. Includes cd-roms and videos.
Open Book Systems (OBS) - Home Page
Powell's Books -- Some descriptions for featured books.
Prentice Hall
Primedia Books
Random House, Inc.
Reiter's Homepage -- Scientific and professional books.
Rutherford's Bookstore
Sky Publishing Corporation -- Astronomy.
Springer-Verlag New York
The University of Arizona Press
Virology on the WWW
Wordware Publishing, Inc.