Social Issues

Affirmative Action and Diversity Project -- Presents diverse opinions regarding Affirmative Action topics.
America's War Against Terrorism
Banned Books Online
Building Blocks for Youth -- Juvenile Crime and Justice.
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Center for Defense Information - Terrorism
Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence -- Access to the Violence Literature Database and to statistics on violence.
Child Labor: 1750-1900
Child Labor in America: 1908-1912
Child Welfare Information Gateway: Child Abuse and Neglect
Club Drugs
Death Penalty Abolition News and Updates -- From Amnesty International. Includes fact sheets and links to additional sites for information.
Death Penalty Information Center
Domestic Violence Project of Santa Clara County
Drinking and Driving Theme Page
Drug Facts -- Office of National Drug Control Policy.
Drug Guide -- Comprehensive database of what drugs look like and what they do.
Drug Wars
Drugs of Concern
Dying to be Thin -- Companion site to the Nova documentary.
Emancipation of Women: 1860-1920
Erowid's Psychoactive Vaults -- Information about psychoactive plants and chemicals.
Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) -- Contains data on all vehicle crashes in the United States that occur on a public roadway and involve a fatality in the crash.
Federal Death Penalty System: A Statistical Survey (1998-2000)
Free Expression Clearinghouse
Freedom of Information Center -- Access to government documents and information.
Gun Control Laws -- A collection of links collected by
Gun Laws, Gun Control, and Gun Rights -- A guide presenting all sides of the gun control controversy.
History of Slavery
Homeless -- Information from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Homelessness in California
Homework Center - Social Issues -- Links to websites providing multiple perspectives on current social issues.
Hot Paper Topics
Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 2008
Institute for Counter-Terrorism -- Provides databases on international terrorist organizations, terrorist attacks worldwide, and current events related to terrorism.
International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour: IPEC
IRSS Public Opinion Poll Question Database -- Archive of public opinions polls provided by the Institute for Research in Social Science.
MagBot -- Online periodical articles corresponding to hot topics.
Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base
Marketing of Violent Entertainment to Children
National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids
National Coalition Against Censorship
National Drug Threat Assessment 2009
National Gang Threat Assessment 2009
Racial Profiling in America
The Right-to-Know Network -- Access to information on the environment, housing, and sustainable development.
Sexual Harassment Resources
SpeakOut - Issues
Stem Cell Information
Stem Cell Research
Tobacco Information & Prevention Sourcepage
TRAC Immigration
USA Patriot Act
USA Patriot Act -- Information collected by the Electronic Privacy Information Center.
Youth Violence: A Report of the Surgeon General

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