Playwright  Leah Halper

Suanne Spoke as Rachel Carson's agent

Marie Rodell in The Blank Theatre's

workshop  of Always Be True, April 2012.

photo: L. Halper



Forward Alone Together. The first truly American intellectuals, the Transcendentalists, got some major help with their thinking, their writing, and their lives from a remarkable woman--but don't look in the history books for Mary Moody Emerson's story; it's just not there. Stage read Pear Avenue Theatre, Developmental Reading Series, June 2015.  

Smithereen. In a bleak corporatized future, people with environmental illnesses and disabilities unite, forming an online community powerful enough to dream of change. Table read at East Bay Center for the Blind August 2010, staged reading at Playwrights Center San Francisco May 2011.

Always Be True. A full-length play about Rachel Carson’s struggle to write Silent Spring. Staged Reading at City Lights Theatre, Feb. 12, 2013. Workshopped at The Blank Theatre, Hollywood, April 2012. Stage-read by Ross Valley Players January 2007; also stage read at Pear Avenue Theatre May 2009 (play formerly called Time Not Our Time.)

The Foundation for Heaven on Earth. A full-length play about an intentional community of aged idealists. Staged reading at Pear Avenue Theatre, February 2012, 2003 Bay Area Playwright’s Festival finalist.

Folly’s Own Hand. A play in three acts about culture clash in a small town. 2000.. Recipient, Arts Council Silicon Valley 2000-2001 Playwriting Fellowship under title God’s Terrible Swift Sword.

Go Home, Gilgamesh. The oldest story in human history gets a freshening-up in this funny, poignant play for young people.