dive flagDiving Doctors

There are doctors who dive and doctors who understand diving.  My own primary care physician is a diver, but only some and a while ago.

These doctors' names have come up at one time or another on ba_diving.  The subject keeps coming up, so I thought I'd compile a list.  Note that these docs may have retired, moved away, or whatever.  I listed Dr. Newman first because his name came up repeatedly, after that, it's alphabetical.

You can also contact Divers Alert Network.

 Dr. Andrew Newman
750 Welch Rd Ste 104
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Dr. David Awerbuck
(831) 649-4000

Dr. Donald Burt

Dr. George Cerago

Dr. Paul Cianci
Director of the Department of Hyperbaric Medicine at Brookside Hospital (Doctors)
San Pablo, CA
and at the John Muir Medical Center.

Dr John R. Cooper
Mountain View Center
701 E. El Camino Real 
Mountain View
Palo Alto Clinic
795 El Camino Real 
Palo Alto

Deborah J. Freehling.
Mountain View

Dr. Loore Henderson

Dr. George Shorago  (now retired)
650 340-7200
50 S San Mateo Dr 
San Mateo, 94401 

Dr. Harry Smith
Los Gatos

Dr. Winston Vaughn:  
Stanford Sinus Clinic