The "bike-powered" juicing system, a Pedal - Powered Vegetable Squeezer - the Juicycle ® 'classic' since 1990, from In-the-Sun Engineering - A MEANS FOR HEALTH! -

A) good for the heart - exercise, aerobics

B)good for the heart - beta carotene,

C good for the heart - quiet (neighbors and house guests unperturbed!)

part bicycle, part wheat-grass juicer.

fresh juice with little effort!

also a nut-ice or nut-butter grinder .These pages outline one appropriate technology design niche. Presenting the public domain release of the Juicycle ® classic home built PLANS. Intellectual property is protected & secured on a specific iteration of this project. The prime directive has been to create this 'peace machine' from common parts, using common tools, especially avoiding welding.

|| TIPS||

Quiet, healthful, & self-contained. Some will pedal the "Classic" Juicycle ® for fitness. Some pedal-power their juice for health! "inCREDulous" Operating this part-machine & pure functional sculpture is amazing. Fresh homemade garden juicing - quiet, healthful, & self-contained. The Juicycle ® - a village garden health tool, The Juicycle® 'Classic' is a sturdy, and portable raw food processor system (utilizing a wheat-grass juicer). You push (or cleat into) bike pedals on a semi-recumbant throne, and the Juicycle® re-directs leg energy to the juicer - freeing your hands to feed in FRESH vegetable produce - a blending of FRESH liquid extractions known to aid and enhance normal human gland and brain functions. The Juicycle® generates 1 to 10 oz/min fresh juice from an "easy" - to "hammer" pedaling (spinning) pace. This liquid refreshment contains naturally occurring nourishment for every body. This nutritious concentrate is usually consumed immediately, avoiding packaging and landfill repercussions. This enables refreshment! (With some simple garden ingredients, giggles, and *little effort*) .
Certain common vegetable juices are free-radical nibblers (there's that anti-oxidant theme again, hmm). Many are fundamental ingredients to 'Smart Drinks'. This is genuine "nerve food". Initiates describe immediate and noticeable <positive> effect (after a sip of wheat grass-celery cocktail). Phone or email for the complete 10-page plan manual (for the Do-it-Yourself er) for a lifetime of fun and synergy.

The turn-of-the century hand-cranked juicer machine is often mistaken for a "meat grinder" - a plated, cast-iron unit. The wheat-grass juicer has a spout. There usually is no steam (i.e. 'tip me over and pour me out'). The Juicycle ® turns the handle three or four times (normal hand-cranked rotations) faster and easier. The Juicycle ® is a sturdy, adjustable, portable, and rugged tool-set that will free your hands to blend together your own vibrant, healthful beverage. Fresh juice tidbits: add a bit of fresh ginger tea, salt and ice cubes. From In the Sun, since 1990 - a unique quiet experience for fitness and health. Fresh juice. A natural health charge .

mobile juicycle - dual purpose

tips for the connoisseur:

holes for cups - prevents spilling, less top heavy hole saw in table top, cutting board, and module for variety of paper and plastic cup sizes.

slot for knife - keeps safe

runoff tilt & gutter - prevents wet lap

ram lever - improves productivity

1/4" Plexiglas cutting board - view liquid progress

produce rack, table, chairs, umbrella - convenience for productivity and socializing

solid tire - lower maintenance

lube chain/ hub / crank - smoother operation

auto feed bin for larger amounts, deflector and floor protector, or bucket, for solids, sneeze guard deflector for health inspection, bucket for produce rinsing, bleach and brush, rubber gloves, etc....

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