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Founded in 1989, Electro-Optical Technologies, Inc. (E-OTEK) offers a unique blend of business philosophies. We are a professional services firm, helping clients to assess and outpace the complexities of high-performance electronic imaging with emphasis on transit and transportaiton applications. Our expertise covers a range of proven and emerging technologies for private industry as well as for contractors to federal, state, and local governments.

Summary of Services

Our quality support encompasses the Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why of high-performance imaging:
We also provide assistance in product information (hardware, software, imagery), proposal administration, technical representation, and special studies and analyses. One prime area of our professional interest lies in Automatic Video-Based License Plate Identification/Recognition.

The Best Fit Solution

Each client is unique and requires an independent set of tailored solutions. We offer an unusual degree of formal and informal coordination, permitting us to maintain close, concentrated oversight of our clients’ needs. We offer:
  • Broad experience
  • Awareness of the state and direction of the industry
  • A diverse network of contacts
  • Balanced strategies
  • Innovation, impartiality, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.
  • Our loosely-structured approach allows us to develop best-fit solutions. At the same time, all our clients are served capably and continuously without unjustified or unsubstantiated claims of product performance, applied technologies, or market dynamics; factors that sometimes influence projects operating completely in-house, without the perspective of an industry consultant.
    Like other fee-based professionals (accountants, attorneys, financial planners), consultants provide expertise and objectivity at significant return-on-investment; tendering vital assistance to those seeking unbiased knowledge, skills, and resources. We take great pride in being responsive and responsible to our clientele and look forward to adding your organization to our growing family of satisfied customers.

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    We welcome the opportunity to provide a confidential needs analysis. Please contact us for a copy of our complete statement of capabilities and qualifications.
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