The Australian Shepherd is a wonderful dog.  In the right home and under the right circumstances, it can easily become the best pet you've ever owned, and a pleasure to live with.  However, there are a few things we would like to point out.

1.  The Australian Shepherd was developed as a herding breed.  Most Australian Shepherds will exhibit herding traits, including some nipping of heels, attempts to herd objects (and people) together, and a desire to stop motion.  Some people find this behavior objectionable.

2.  The Australian Shepherd is normally protective of its territory and family.  How protective it becomes is determined by its heritage, socialization, and upbringing.

3.  Australian Shepherds are normally high energy dogs and are very intelligent.  They require regular and adequate exercise.  If left alone and not given adequate attention and exercise they will become bored and seek to amuse themselves in ways you will not find amusing -- like barking, howling, digging, being destructive, etc.  In our opinion apartments and condos are not well suited to Aussies although some do reside there quite happily.  City homes can be acceptable if a large fenced in exercise area is available, and if the family includes the dog in their activities so that it receives adequate attention.

4.  Their high intelligence makes some Aussies a challenge to the novice pet owner.  Basic obedience training is a must, as it is with any dog.  They are normally very eager to please their owner, but can be quite strong-willed.

5.  Although some Australian Shepherds have very moderate coats, in general this breed is long haired and double coated.  Shedding is normal, especially about two times a year when the undercoat sheds.  Regular brushing will be needed to remove loose hair and prevent mats. 

6.  Australian Shepherds are normally good with children, particularly if raised up with them.  The energetic, fun loving Aussie is often well paired with active young people.  However, very young children must not be allowed to dominate or aggravate an Aussie, as this can have a lifelong adverse effect on their relationship. 

NOW, after reading the above, if you still think an Aussie is the dog for you, please visit the Australian Shepherd Club of America's web site at to learn more about our breed.  RESEARCH before you buy!!


Aussies come in the following acceptable colors - Black, Red, Blue Merle and Red Merle.  All colors can come with white trim as well as copper points however, white and points are not required.




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