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Ken Ken was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. He's now lived half his life in Japan and half in the States. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley class of 1982. He has been working in the software engineering field since 1978. In May 1996, Ken married Peggy. Right now, he works at Fujifilm Software California, a software development organization for Fuji Photo Film that he helped establish in Silicon Valley.
Peggy Peggy is my wife of 8 years. She is an avid San Jose Sharks fan. She also tends the garden.  Until last year, we had a small vegetable garden with tomatos, potatoes, onion, and corn. 
For the last four years, she has been dedicated to her two daughters at home.
With our new home in San Martin, she is updating the interior decoration
Elizabeth Elizabeth is a 11th grader this fall.  She is attending Valley Christian High School. She gets a ride from Mom or Ken to and from school.  Elizabeth loves softball.   She professes dislike for swimming but in fact she is also quite a good swimmer.
Her room overlooks the valley of the small community of San Martin.
She celebrated her 15th birthday in October 2003. 
What does she want to be when whe grows up?  Well, you will need to ask her.  She's keeping it a secret.
Valerie (Aug 2004) Valerie is 7 years old.  She will be 2nd grade at Oakwood Country School this fall.  She has been taking swimming lessons since she was four.  She can now swim with confidence. She recently finished third place at a local swim meet. 
(Aug 2001) Valerie is four years old.  She is attending preschool.  She took swimming lessons at the Y during the summer.  She can swim short distances with confidence. (Sep 2000) Valerie is now three years old, and speaking quite well.  Her favorite pastimes are taking a bath, playing computer games, and coloring.
(May 1999) She has most of her teeth, is actively tearing down the house, and has a vocabulary of about 20 words. Her favorate and most used words are: Shoe, More, Let go!, Pepper, Ginger, Manma (food), Thank you, Bottle (she says "Bahbwa"), See? (as in "look at this").
(June/July 1997) Valerie is expected to arrive around July 14, 1997. Valerie arrived just one day after our expected date, around 11:59 PM on July 15. She has beautiful brown hair and brown eyes. 
Robert (Jichan) Robert, Peggy's father started living with us in the fall of 2000.  Previously he lived alone in San Jose, but because of his advanced age (87), the family decided it best that he be with her daughters.  Robert stays with us 4 days a week with the rest spilt between Peggy's sisters.  Robert likes to work in the garden.  He diligently mows the lawn two to three times a week.  We call him Jichan, which means Grandpa in Japanese.
Click here for circa 1940 photo of Robert. Click here for Robert's mother's protrait.

Here is a little about us:

The Brown family moved to their San Martin home in March 2002.  Previously, we lived in South San Jose. We are Ken, Peggy and Elizabeth, and Valerie. Robert, Peggy's father joined us in late 2000.  And don't forget our pet cats. Pepper joined us in February 1997, by way of the Humane Society, and Mini came the same route around in March 2003. Dexter, our Australian Shepherd, joined us in mid 2003. And Peanut, the dwarf hamster came in October 2003. Our new house sits on three and a half acres.  We are now planning on how to landscape it. We put in a small orchard and lined our driveway with cherry blossom trees, but most of the land is still undeveloped grass(weed)land.  Right now, we are busy taking care of our girl Valerie and  teenaged Elizabeth.

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