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minutes - treasurers reports etc

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Loomis Basin Horseman's Association Minutes February 20,2013
Round Table Pizza Meeting Room

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by president Denise Howells

There was no treasurers report

Denise reminded members of the passing of Dr Richard Barsaleau. There will be a Memorial Service at The Blue Goose March 16, 2013 at 3:00 PM.

Kathy Dombroski gave an arena report. 4H will be painting the jumping standards soon. Also, do not tie your horses on the first two panels of the arena entrance. They interfere with others trying to use the facility. There has also been some complaints of dogs off leashes.

There was a reminder that volunteers will be needed for the October LBHA Annual Horse Show.

Bob Sydnor was absent, there was no trail report.

Dave Faoro said that cleanup work will begin soon at Traylor Ranch. Also, users of the preserve need to be made aware that mountain lion tracks have been seen in the facility.

Kathie Perry, president of the Western States Trails, gave a report on the state of the Tevis Trail. Her association has been active in advancing a Senate Bill that would designate the trail as a "National Historic Trail." In addition, she ad-dressed the problems that many of the previous equestrian trails are now being designated as "multi use" trails. She stated that all the trails in State Parks are now multi use. She encouraged letter writing by members to address these issues.

In addition, the Western States Trails Concession has taken over the Auburn Overlook Staging Area. They plan to ex-pand the facility with additional camping and equestrian amenities. They have asked users to include a $5 donation to help maintain the area, as it costs the group over $7000 a year to maintain.

A a motion made by Betty Pfieffer for LBHA to donate $1000 to the Western Sates Trails Concession to assist in main-taining the facility. Linda Potter seconded the motion, a vote was takes and the motion was passed.

Linda Potter reminder members that there is a Golden Bear pass that can be purchased for $20 that will allow entrance into all the Sate Parks. It was also mentioned that if you purchase a Poppy Pass locally the money goes to support lo-cal facilities.

The next meeting will be March 20,2013

The meeting was adjourned to 7:58 PM

Nancy Steuck