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Updated Monday May 30, 2011
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Location: Penryn CA
Most Recently Updated: 1/2002
"Stray cattle at times"



This remarkable place, officially known as the Traylor Ranch Bird Sanctuary and Nature Reserve, is 88 beautiful acres open to riders and hikers. Traylor Ranch is part of the Placer County Parks System. The trails are flat, wide, extremely well maintained and scenic. It's difficult to imagine a more perfect place for a young horse, a timid horse, a timid rider; for an older horse who can't do the big hills; for a relaxing break in training; a break from the ring to do trot and canter work with good footing; for driving a cart; for good winter riding…. This is really a gem.

Riding the easy trails at Traylor Ranch

 The large graveled parking lot is surrounded with huge rocks that can serve as mounting blocks.  The kiosk has maps and bird lists and there is a faucet for horse water only.  Out of the parking lot, 3.5 miles of trails curve around and through the property, with all sorts of intersections and wide paths past small ponds, streams, fields and trees. You may see pheasant, herons, hawks; bluebirds and other small birds nest in the dozens of nesting boxes set out by the Audubon Society.  A young  or timid horse (rider) has a chance to see cattle on the neighboring property, the train whistling far off on the hillside, an occasional bike rider on the surrounding streets,  all at safe distances and all clearly visible. Once in a while a llama or two gets hand walked on the trails. There is room for a horse to spook safely!

In 1998 Art and Helene Traylor decided to donate their cattle ranch to Placer County Parks as a nature reserve. An amazing volunteer committee headed by Linda and Jerry Potter of Loomis Basin Horsemen’s Association cleared barbed wire, mowed star thistle, planned, graded and named all the trails, planted trees, controlled drainage, and much, much more. Work continues, and volunteers are always welcome and needed on the work days, posted at the kiosk. The Reserve is now operated cooperatively by Placer County Parks, Loomis Basin Horsemen’s Association, Sierra Foothills chapter of the Audubon Society, and local residents.

Directions: Hwy 80 to Penryn Road exit. Turn south to King Road, then west on King Rd. thru Loomis, across Taylor Road and the RR tracks . Continue 2 more blocks on King, then turn right on Humphrey. Continue straight to the “T,” then follow Humphrey left (toward Lincoln). Follow Humphrey around the curve to the right, then turn left into the large gravel parking lot. There is a second parking lot on Del Mar, for cars only (no trailers).

For further information, call Linda or Jerry Potter, 916-652-5339.

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