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A few scenes taken at the



Equestrian Trails - Bird Sanctuary - Nature -
Wildlife Reserve
, 4-H, Scout, Youth Group Projects - Quiet Family Picnics

90 Acres of Prime Recreational Land located in Penryn California, about 2 miles from Loomis, 3 miles from Rocklin, 6 miles from Newcastle and about 7 miles from Roseville.

The Traylor Ranch Homestead has been totally rebuilt by the County.  LBHA got donations to finish up the insides of the home which will be rented out.  Money from the rental will go into the Maintenance fund for the Reserve


Placer County Supervisor Robert Weygandt (District 2)
checks out the Kiosk at Traylor Ranch

Supervisor Weygandt rides Traylor Ranch
along with Jerry Potter and Jennifer Pereia

Patti Bell and her Morgan mare Alamar's Krista and her 18 month old Morgan 
filly Harper Veradez enjoying TRNR on 11/23/02)

Traylor Ranch in Summer

Traylor Ranch in Summer
Grinding Rock area

Traylor Ranch in Winter

8/23/03 work day - cleaning up the old
Traylor Home.  The all girl crew

Sherri Triplett does some movin'


Linda Potter working
on the old house

Wes Babcock

Donations for this project may be sent to LBHA at P.O. Box 2326 Loomis CA 95650. Please put TRNR in the memo section. Remember, all donations to the Traylor Ranch Nature Reserve are tax deductible and definitely is definitely a worthy cause. For more information on the Reserve call Linda Potter at 652-5339. Or by E-mail to lbha@vfr.net  Please put Traylor Ranch in the Subject line.


Traylor Ranch, 90 acres where Equestrian Trails and a Bird Sanctuary are being developed

Tax Deductible Donations to the Traylor Ranch Reserve may be made to LBHA. Send your check made out to LBHA and put "Traylor Ranch Nature Reserve" or TRNR in the memo section.

Mail your check to LBHA P.O. Box 2326, Loomis CA 95650.

Funds will be put into a Trust fund for maintenance of the Traylor Ranch Preserve Only. LBHA will list donations at this WEB SITE as they are received.

Send us a note, we would love to hear from you



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