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This site contains pictures and information on my favorite railroad subjects. They are:

Carolina Rails

Examines the railroads of South Carolina by date, railroad, and county. Starting with the Best Friend and going to the present. The railroad coverage includes class 1's, short lines, government, industrial, interurbans, logging lines, and amusement. Most of the older railroads have rosters and photos. The county coverage includes maps, structures, timetables, and station lists.

Last Updated 1/1/16
Schnabel Cars
Contains information on 65 cars, including: clearance diagrams, 1923 pictures, modeling, reference data, car diagrams, blue prints, and other information.
Last Updated 12/15/19

What's New!
Large Flat Cars
Contains information on 77 car types cars, including: clearance diagrams, 1,027 pictures, information on high/wide shippers, modeling, reference data, car diagrams, articles from employee magazines, and other information. Also included are 848 photos of smaller flat car with large and oversized loads.
Last Updated 8/13/16

What's New!
Cabooses or Rider Cars
Contains 140 photos of nineteen different caboose or rider cars. These cars are used to accompany high and wide loads.
Last Updated 1/14/12

What's New!
Large Road Loads
Contains 87 photos of six different large road loads, including two locomotives. These set-ups are used to move the large load over the road.
Last Updated 6/20/09

What's New!
Southern Railfan
Covers all aspects of Southern Railway including history, modeling, articles, over 310 issues of "Ties", and over 3300 photos.
Last Updated 1/9/11

What's New!
Photos from my travels
Rail related subjects from my travels, Asia, Europe and the US.
Last Updated 6/26/16
MoW Equipment
558 photo of various MoW equipment from multiple railroads.
Last Updated 5/31/03

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The background picture was taken during a demonstration by the Buckingham Rail Lining Gang during Rail Days on Sept. 29, 1996.

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