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This site contains pictures and information on my favorite railroad subjects. They are:

Schnabel Cars
Contains information on 65 cars, including: clearance diagrams, 1923 pictures, modeling, reference data, car diagrams, blue prints, and other information.
Last Updated 12/15/19

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Large Flat Cars
Contains information on 77 car types cars, including: clearance diagrams, 1,027 pictures, information on high/wide shippers, modeling, reference data, car diagrams, articles from employee magazines, and other information. Also included are 848 photos of smaller flat car with large and oversized loads.
Last Updated 8/13/16

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Cabooses or Rider Cars
Contains 140 photos of nineteen different caboose or rider cars. These cars are used to accompany high and wide loads.
Last Updated 1/14/12

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Large Road Loads
Contains 87 photos of six different large road loads, including two locomotives. These set-ups are used to move the large load over the road.
Last Updated 6/20/09

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Southern Railfan
Covers all aspects of Southern Railway including history, modeling, articles, over 310 issues of "Ties", and over 3300 photos.
Last Updated 1/9/11

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Photos from my travels
Rail related subjects from my travels, Asia, Europe and the US.
Last Updated 6/26/16
MoW Equipment
558 photo of various MoW equipment from multiple railroads.
Last Updated 5/31/03

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The background picture was taken during a demonstration by the Buckingham Rail Lining Gang during Rail Days on Sept. 29, 1996.

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