Oregon Rail Heritage Center


The center is located in Portland. It is home to three steam locomotives.

Oregon Railroad & Navigation 197 a Baldwin 4-6-2

197a.jpg 197b.jpg

Spokane Portland & Seattle 700 Baldwin 4-8-4

The 700 had run during the holidays. The tender was separated and you can see the connections that are normally not seen.

700d.jpg 700a.jpg 700b.jpg 700c.jpg

In September 2012, I was invited to visit the Brooklyn yard roundhouse. Roundhouses were made to do light repairs on steam engine, and not made for photography. The SP&S 700 had her rods off, some unique views, and two drivers were on the drop table.

dsc02920m.jpg dsc02921m.jpg dsc02927m.jpg

Southern Pacific 4449 Lima 4-8-4. It is currently undergoing the 1472-day inspection.

4449a.jpg 4449b.jpg 4449c.jpg 4449d.jpg

Shots from my September 2012 visit, with the rods off, and some cab shots

dsc02922m.jpg dsc02929m.jpg
dsc02934m.jpg dsc02935m.jpg dsc02936m.jpg

The center has a fully equipped shop to work on the engines.


The center also has the turntable from the Brooklyn yard, and it will eventually be installed at the center.


Doyle McCormick has been one of the drivers of the center and owns a Nickel Plate PA. One of the docents said that the engine was fired up recently, and they hope to have the locomotive running by the end of the year. He rescued this PA from Mexico, and they are slowly rebuilding it.

109a.jpg 190b.jpg 190c.jpg