Nagoya April 2012


During November 2011, I was in a JR office at Nagoya Station buying a ticket for the Shinkansen, and I picked up the brochure for the museum (below). I hope to be able to work it in to my next trip to Japan. I made it back in April 2012. The museum was built by Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Tokai).

The museum is located about a 20 minute train ride from JR Nagoya Station. It located at the end of the Aonami Line. From the Kinjofuto station, the museum is a couple minute walk.

Got to the museum just after it opened, before all of the school children arrived on a field trip.

Front Hall


Class C62 Steam Locomotive


Expermential Shikansen Class 955


Expermential Maglev MXL01-1

Superconductive Maglev

Main Hall


Shinkansen Classifications


Series 300 Shinkansen

Class 323


Series 300 Shinkansen

Class 322


Series 100 Shinkansen

Class 123


Series 0 Shinkansen

Class 21


Dr. Yellow

This is an inspection train that ran at night


Kuha 381


Moha 52


Moha 1


ED11 2

This locomotive was built by General Electric in October 1922


ED18 2

This locomotive was built in the United Kingdom


C57 139


EF 58 157


Kiha 82


Hoji 6005

Steam passenger car


Oya 31

Structure Gaging Train


Kuro 381

Views from the balcony

Above the main floor is a viewing balcony, that provides some great overhead views.

Shinkansen simulator

Brochures from the museum



The gift shop has a great book, in English, that covers all of the locomotives and cars in the museum. I was not expecting this, so I just had to buy one.



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