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Updated Monday May 30, 2011
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Location: Granite Bay
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May 03


 This interesting connector trail leads from Auburn Folsom Road, across the street from the Folsom Lake State Recreation area Beals Point entrance, jogs right at the San Juan Water maintenance road, skirts the edge of the Baldwin Reservoir, crosses Barton Road, and then  Linda Creek,  ending at the Indian Stone Corral Park in Sacramento County.  There is a step over at the San Juan Water Maintenance road.  When Auburn Folsom is widened, a separated  pedestrian/equestrian pathway will be included.  The trail will make a sharp left and follow the fence line of  Folsom Lake Estates.  At Oak Hill (just opposite the entrance to Beals Point) riders and walkers will be able to cross Auburn Folsom at a stop light to access the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. Until then, users will have to  cross the bridge carefully.

Part of the scenic BL Trail

This is an easy, varied, fenced trail that is a wonderful bonus for hikers, dog-walkers, and neighbors as well as for  local residents who have horses and soon will have direct access to the lake trails.

Work on this trail began about 15 years ago, thanks to the efforts of Loomis Basin Horsemenís Association members who were determined to develop the easement.  Walkers can explore the trail, riders should wait a few months until volunteers from LBHA and other local horsemen in addition to  County work crews  clear the remaining vegetation and restore a safe crossing at Linda Creek.  Linda Creek is not wide during the dry season, but can widen after rains.


 In under 2 miles, you will pass a working beaver pond, open vistas, quiet pine-shaded twists and turns, a lovely view of Baldwin Lake Reservoir, an interface of the old and new Granite Bay homes, and the rocky crossing of Linda Creek.  Springtime wildflowers are wonderful, and fences on both sides of the wide trail keep your horse (or dog) from questioning the direction

The trail is totally cleared now from end to end.   You may park on Oak Hill Rd where the trail passes.  On Barton Road there is also a small parking area for one trailer.  The trail crosses Barton Road approximately  3/4 miles below the intersection with the Roseville Parkway. As the trail continues it passes next to homes in Granite Hill Estates before crossing over Linda Creek.  A bridge is in the works.  Watch your footing as you head down to the creek, there are some bad spots at the moment.  After crossing the creek you head up a slight hill. On your left is Wexford in the Treelake Development.  You will come to a chain link fence on your right.  The gate should be left open.  You will continue now with the Chain Link fence on your right. Continue to the Stone Corral in Sacramento County.

This is a very pretty trail and will make great access  to the Lake trails for folks on the Barton Road side much easier.


A view of  Baldwin Lake


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