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Welcome to Horse Heaven!

The local members of LBHA are fortunate to live in one of the most scenic, varied, and horse-friendly areas of California that is close to the Sierras as well as the beaches of the Pacific. LBHA wants to keep it that way -  horse friendly. Most of the trails reviewed are close enough for day rides.

One rule of trail preservation is: USE IT OR LOSE IT!   The major goal of putting together this website trail directory is to let you know where these trails are, and then to hope that you will USE them, so we don’t LOSE them.

Descriptions of trails are always a work-in-progress. Trails change due to natural causes, real estate development, or governmental regulations. If you ride/hike/bike any of the trails reviewed, and find the need for additions, corrections, updates, or comments, please let us know. Send  additions / corrections / updates / comments to LBHA at

When you read a description of a trail ride, notice that reviews are dated.

 Remember that trails can change overnight, as well as over a winter. All the trail reviews you will read have been double checked and pre-ridden, but please send in updated information anytime.

We decided not to give “trail ratings” to these descriptions, because what is easy for one rider is death-defying for another. The reviewers try to tell you if you will have water crossings, drop-off cliffs, poor footing, steep hills, and so forth, so you can rate the trail appropriately for yourself and your horse.

Trails are not the place to learn to ride. Trail riding is ALWAYS advanced riding. Trail riders need to be competent riders, and need to learn in an arena, with a good instructor.  Riding a horse is always an adventure.

THE MORE YOU KNOW ABOUT HORSES, THE MORE YOU KNOW YOU DON’T KNOW. Make your trail ride as safe as possible.

  • Wear a helmet.
  •  Choose riding companions (both human and equine) carefully.
  • Choose trails suited to your horse’s and your fitness level.
  • Take water and 1st aid supplies for both you and your horse.
  • Learn what poison oak looks like.
  • Enjoy!

Got a problem on the trails or an issue.  Trail maintenance, user conflict, even a good job done by Parks or others.  Let your voice be heard,  Send in a report using the
This will make a permanent record of all incidents happening on
our trails - both conflicts as well as the good things

Share our Trails Brochure - Here is a great little booklet made up with the help of all types of trail users to help make your trail riding experience a better one.

The Loomis Basin Horsemen's Association would like to thank the following members and friends for their help in providing information on the trails that are included.

Kathy Dombrowski ,Karen Anderson, Loomis Basin Horsemen’s Association ,Barbara Heyward, Suzanne Heskitt , Helen Petersen Linda Potter Jerry Potter, Donna Williams, Stephanie Williams, Betty Fleming, Donna Nelson, Consumnes River Horsemen’s Association, Lonni and Walt Reno, Tim Page, Suzanne Brady, Syndy Cunningham, Jeri and Pablo Sust, Midge Young,   Nanci Manceau, Ruth Sorensen, Pat Gibbs and Sharon Roseme,Robert Sydnor

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