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Please report any Trail alerts on the Comment form above, these can be items such as bees, bears, sink holes, high water, downed trees, trails closed that should be open, bridges out or anything you think is a dangerous on the trail. We will post them here and send reports to the proper trail authority. Photos would help, so carry your cell phone, for pictures and for safety.

The Pioneer Express Trail, because of its narrowness, lack of escape routes for passing, lack of sight lines, steepness, and extreme danger to anyone pushed off the trail, has always been designated a hiker/equestrian footpath only.  Ted Jackson, Superintendent of Folsom Lake SRA, emailed this week, "There have been no changes made to the rules and regulations regarding the Pioneer Express Trail.  All prohibitions remain in force."

Here is what you can do if you encounter bikes in this area.

 1. Nicely correct them, and say the Superintendent of the Park Ted Jackson has clarified the rules this week because of information that was given out  in error.  

2. Show the bikers the closest place they may exit the trail, or turn them around so they may go back the way they came. Ask them to walk their bikes so they present less of a danger to other trail users who do not expect them. After they are gone, call Dispatch so if the Rangers are in the area, they can warn them at the trailhead. 
3. If you encounter resistance, please call the Dispatch numbers on your Park Watch card immediately. DO NOT ARGUE OR CONFRONT, even though you are right.
4. If they threaten you, call 911 and stay on the line until you feel comfortable. Take a cell phone picture. Try to remember identifying
information, or record it or text into your phone

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