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Updated Monday May 30, 2011
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Foresthill Divide Loop 

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Location: Foresthill past Auburn, off Hwy 80
Date reviewed: 2000

This lovely trail has been open since 1999. It provides a lovely two and half to three hour ride, with scenic views of both the Middle Fork canyons and the North Fork canyons of the American River.


Some of the more open areas along the trail

There are a few caveats for the equestrian:  Your horse should be able to deal with bicyclists.  The bicyclists did the bulk of the volunteer work building this multi-use trail.  Most are very respectful of horses;  occasionally you will meet a bicyclist who needs educating about how best to pass your horse.  As a reminder, horses prefer scary things on the downslope of a trail and themselves on the upslope, if one must pass on a narrow section.  Your horse will also have to step over a few one to one and a half foot height metal bars designed more or less for this purpose where the trail crosses Foresthill Road.  Finally, there is a very nice wooden bridge that must be crossed.  There is no access to water for horses or humans.


The trail may be started at the wide turn out on the left side of Foresthill Road shortly after one passes the road to the right which leads to Drivers Flat. One may also take the Drivers Flat Road, travelling approx. one-half mile down a gravel road to a parking area. This is a nice spot to park except in the summer season, when it is generally quite full with rafting trucks and cars. Wherever you park, please pick up and scatter your manure.

These two trailheads are approximately 9 miles down Foresthill Road from the intersection of Foresthill Road and I-80.  The trail itself is a large loop which crosses Foresthill Road twice. There is good sight distance at both crossings, and the crossing spots are well-marked. There are places along the trail where it widens and one can have a nice canter. Other parts are single track. There arenít any steep dropoffs, but there are some very slippery spots on the trail along the north side of Foresthill Road during the rainy season. There are both shady and sunny places, meadows where you can stop for a picnic, and lots of wonderful views.  Enjoy!

Additional notes from other riders:This is a ten mile loop, or a 3-hour walk. This is a nice area on a hot day. Remember that this is an area where ticks and lyme disease are a problem. The eastern road crossing is NOT obvious! Look for traffic on Foresthill Road!!!! and lead your horse across the road. But the scenery is gorgeous. The trails are relatively easy terrain, with slight hills, except for the problems already well-described.