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Updated Monday May 30, 2011
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Weimar Institute
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Location: Weimar, about 20 miles NE of Loomis off I-80
Date reviewed: February 2003
    no bikes
PLEASE NOTE:  This is COUGAR COUNTY - do not ride or walk alone

The Weimar Institute next to I-80 has a small campus run by the Seventh Day Adventists for people needing a healthy “new start” diet. Attached to the campus are 300 acres of gentle trails for the benefit of the patients, but open for riding. Although a relatively small area, the trails are quiet and gradual, providing a few hours of leisurely riding among manzanita, cedar, and pine groves. Few patients seem to use the trails, so riders have the area basically to themselves.

A few trails are closed to horses, but these are clearly marked with signs. In addition, there are some gates, bridge crossings, and an occasional fallen tree that may require dismounting. The Institute does not allow bicycles on any trails, but if a cyclist rides through anyway, there is room to pass safely. The trails are furnished with benches every 1/2 mile or so, for easy mounting if desired. This is a quiet, simple location, not too challenging to horse or rider--a good outing for riders or horses new to trails.

The best procedure is to pull into the visitor parking area, then get a trail map from either the Welcome Center or the Weimart Store (up the hill). The map is remarkably accurate, and the trails are remarkably well-marked. No need for a GPS here! The map shows the location of drinking fountains, toilet, store, and appropriate parking.

DIRECTIONS: Take I-80 north/east to the Weimar Crossing exit. Follow the signs back across the freeway to the Weimar Institute (right turn at the T after crossing the freeway overpass). When you enter the Institute grounds, you immediately find “Visitor Parking,” a paved parking area. One or 2 horse trailers can park beyond the wall on the dirt, but if anyone is available, ask for parking suggestions.

Some trails are posted "No Horses" and are highlighted below in RED. Those shown in GREEN are for horses and hikers. When riding these trails, please "curb your horse" (i.e., don't leave road apples in the middle of the trail!)

no bikes PLEASE NOTE: Weimar Institute does not allow bicycles on any of these trails.

Weimar Institute Map