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Visitor # UPDATED   11/23/12
Loomis Basin Horsemen's Arena
Located at the Loomis Basin Community Park
King Road at Ong Place (was Winters Rd) in Loomis

Permit Insurance Info CLICK HERE
Form for Arena Use by groups or Trainers (Not 4-H)

Form for Arena Use - 4-H groups

Liability Information and requirements for Permit

NOTE ON PDF FORMS:  You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader 10 if you want to save  your  filled out  form. Older versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader will only let you fill out the form and print it. Reader 10 is a free download from Adobe: Reader is a free download from Adobe: 



Don't forget there is a Leash Law at all Placer County Parks.  Please, if you must bring your dog to the Arena, make sure it is leashed.  Be careful if you tie your dog near the bleachers or out buildings as horses may not see your dog and spoke if it the dog makes a sudden movement.  There are many young horses and experienced riders at our arena.  Be considerate.

 Have a safe ride at the arena and don't forget to close the gates after you enter and make sure they are LOCKED when you leave. Don't always rely on the people after you to lock the gate.


The Arena at the Loomis Park is owned and managed by  the Loomis Basin Horsemen’s Association and not County Parks. We are on County property, so we  have to follow rules  and guidelines set by Placer County. 

"The arena and equipment are owned and operated by Loomis Basin Horseman's Association (LBHA) on behalf of Loomis Basin Regional Park, a County of Placer park unit. While these facilities are available for public use, certain associated activities carry risk and/or require a permit/fee/proof of insurance. Persons in possession of a permit (holding a reservation) are entitled to priority use of the specified park facility. Persons who desire to secure a permit, or copy of the rules, may contact the LBHA at P.O. Box 2326, Loomis CA 95650 or Phone 916-652-5204.  E-mail may be sent to lbha@vfr.net

 The arena is open to the public for individual use free of charge as long as an event is not scheduled At times we have individuals that misuse the Arena by not following the rules.  This may be a case of not knowing or just the fact that the riders just don’t care and want to do their own thing with out considerations to others. 

If you notice a rider or group  doing something not permitted, please let LBHA know as soon as possible.  If it becomes a problem,  LBHA will take action.    For information  the following are the standing rules for Arena Use.   These rules are posted on the bulletin board on the Announcers Booth at the Arena

  1. Please be courteous to other riders – loose horses not permitted if others are riding. Remember, some horses  using the arena are green  and their riders may have their hands full. Some of our riders are youngsters.  BE CAREFUL.  THINK ahead and help them out. Don’t be the CAUSE of an accident.   SHARE the arena SAFELY.  UNSAFE RIDERS WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.
  2. Events may be scheduled at the last moment  check the LBHA website at www.garlic.com/~lbha/events.htm , especially on weekends to see if the arena is available for individual riders. 
  3. The following  arena uses are not permitted without a PERMIT- Use Permits requires proof of $1 million in Liability insurance with a certificate of ALSO INSURED submitted to both Placer County as well as LBHA. There is also a  low Use Fee. This policy is in effect for insurance reasons. Please abide by LBHA and Park Policy.  A Permit will verify that you have the proper liability coverage.  In addition, it indicates that  you have paid a fee  to rent the arena for a specific date and time.   Those not abiding with Permit requirements will be asked to leave. Permit holders may permit other riders to ride in the arena at their discretion.  Please obtain a PERMIT if you plan on participating in any of the below:
  4. ALWAYS Close the Trailer Parking Gate after entering and LOCK when leaving.  Trailers are not permitted on the ASPHALT parking area.
  5. Please do not ride on the ball fields or other green areas. Abide by the NO HORSE SIGNS
  6. Please leave dogs at home. Parks has a leash law.
  7. Please let LBHA know of any damage at the arena
  8. Be aware that  if back sprinklers are on the front sprinklers will come on after 20 minutes and back will shut off.
  9. The trail behind the arena leads to Secret Ravine.  Horses are permitted on this circular mile trail as are walkers, runners  and dogs on leashes.  Be watchful  for non-horse users when you ride on this trail.
  10. RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK – a helmet is suggested

 For Information on the Arena or on how to obtain a permit please  contact  Kathy  at 916-652-5204 or e-mail:lbha@vfr.net.   Please do not let a few spoil the enjoyment of having this great arena open to the public.


The arena at the park is 120' by 225', sanded and is watered by an automated sprinkler system. There is plenty of parking for most shows. Bleachers and announcer booth available. Jumps, trail equipment and a sound system are available to rent.  Our fees are very reasonable and all requirements can be found on the Arena Request Forms.

The arena is located at the Loomis Basin Community Park and has a trail leading in the area of Secret Ravine Creek.

If you or your organization would like to use the Loomis Basin Horsemen's Arena for an event, clinic, or training session you may request a permit from LBHA. Placer County requires insurance liability coverage of $1 million. Certificates naming LBHA and Placer County as certificate holders must be received 7 days prior to your event.   For information on Insurance requirements CLICK HERE.  There is a small usage and clean up fee for group use of the Arena. Call LBHA 916-652-5204, write us at LBHA P.O. BOX 2326, Loomis, CA 95650 or send e-mail to LBHA at lbha@vfr.net  with subject line reading "LBHA".



Arena Use Fees were approved by LBHA at the July 1998  General meeting. They are as follows:

BLDG 1.- Small jump set, Trail and Gymkhana items $15
BLDG 2 - Full Jump Set + items from Bldg 1 $45
Week day use  (Trainers, School Classes,
Organized Groups, use of jumps, poles, or barrels) based on
 up to a half day  week day use
$2.50/rider with
a $25 minimum

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