2018 Construction Blog

July - Getting some cars completed

Finished the Funaro and Camerlengo F33 well car. Originally, I painted it in PRR red, but then I decide that I wanted it to be in Penn Central green.

PC F33 Well Car

June - Working on loads

The Allis Chalmers well cars typically carried turbines and turbine runners for dams. Instead of making one, I took the blades out of a fan from the power supply of an old computer. Covered the back and then made a support for the load. Just need to paint and and then add decals to finish this car. The fan looks a little big. I may look for a smaller fan.

PC F33 Well Car

Taking the fan apart

Blade removed

March - Building a couple of Allis Chalmers well flats

The Allis Chalmers 418 well flat has always interested me. Did some measuring to get the proper size. Then looked at what I could do to build the end platform and the side arms. The end platform turn out to be one scale foot shorter than the chopped off ends of the Athearn Heavy Weight flat car. The side arms were easy, two pieces of styrene with angle cuts on the ends. Also worked on getting the decals designed. I am running short of roller bearing buckeye trucks, but it will have them.

Cut the frame

Add the weights

Sides cut and checking decal sizes

Putting it together

Picked up a Concept Models ACMX 400 well flat. Only a few pieces, but a well done model.

Started on the 400