Turbine Loads

These loads can be found on flat car, depressed ceneter flat cars or well cars.

Gas Turbines

These 3D printed gas turbine loads are made by Multi Scale Digital. The lO scale 15MW one will be used on the 16 axle GEGX depressed flatcars, and the HO scale 15MW will be used on twelve axle flat cars. These large loads come out of General Electric in Greenville.

Gas turbine load

HO one on an 8 axle flat

O scale one on the 16 axle flat

Water Turbines

These 3D printes loads are made by Multi Scale Digital. These Francis turbine are used in dams, with the generator just above them. They will be transported in Allis Chalmers well cars.

Shapeways generator endcaps

Cutting plan with new ends

Cast version

Primed and ready for paint and decals

Wind Turbines

These Vesta wind turbines started out as a truck load made by Herpa. Hard to find these here in the US and they have been discontinued. I need quite a few of these loads. A mold was made, and a few resin loads made. General Electric in Greenville, is one of the major shipper on the layout the loads will be labeled accordingly.

Ready to roll flat with generator load

Cast version ready for primer

Always liked this wind turbine nacelle load. Microtrains make this one in N-Scale.  My 3D design skills are not there yet. so I had this model commissioned along with the associated base.       .

N Scale by Microtrains

Found a model of a wind turbine nacelle on Thingiverse. The model was in three parts: bottom, back and top. was not able to get the parts to align when printed separately, But was able to get it to print, when the parts were combined in Blender.     It was sized to HO dimensions in the slicers. Then I was able to get a good print.

Printed model

Supports removed

Four nacelles completed