2021 Construction Blog

KWUX 10 - Orange body

An earlier version of the KWUX 10 depressed center flat car had the body painted orange.  Wanted a second body for my model with Allis Chalmers spelled out on the car body.        .

Checking the size for decals

Initial testing

Completed - end view 

Caboose Marker Lights

Wanted to add marker and back up lights to a couple of my rider cars. These will require a 6 function decode- red, green, and white backup lights on each sides. A TCS T6X decoder was selected because of the ability to support six LED's.  Pre wired surface mounted LED's in this installation. The outer LED's are mounted in Detail Associates LT 1008 Oscillating Mars Light fixture. Before the LED's are installed, red and green paint is added in each light well prior to installing the LED's.

Not enough hands and fingers

Initial testing

Completed - end view 

Finishing projects

Finally got around to finishing a couple of project.  The first one is the WECX 200 Schnabel car. I started this many years ago. Custom decals have been created and applied. Also the transformer load has a special decal. Do not like the result of this load decal, because the edges are too visible. It is in queue to be redone.. There is also a separate body with out a load, that can quickly be swapped out.   

Prepping for paint

Painted with custom decals applied

Completed with out load

Ready for first shipment

Side view

The second long term project is the General Electric 20 axle Schnabel car, GEX 40010. All parts painted, custom decals created and applied. A new load will be built in the future.

Custom decals applied

Ready for shipment

Side view

Wind Turbines

Always liked this wind turbine nacelle load. Micro-Trains make this one in N-Scale.  My 3D design skills are not there yet. so I had this model commissioned along with the associated base.       .

Micro-Trains N Scale version

Printed nacelle on a printed flatcar

3D Printing

Started to learn about 3D Printing, beginning with an Anycubic Photon S printer. The initial print was a yankee dryer, used in the manufacturing of paper.   After a couple of try's was able to get a decent print. Still some more work to do with supports and exposure.  I plan on using 3D Printing for making loads and specialized cars.    

Completed print 

Ready for painting

Found a model of a wind turbine nacelle on Thingiverse. The model was in three parts: bottom, back and top. was not able to get the parts to align when printed separately, But was able to get it to print, when the parts were combined in Blender.     It was sized to HO dimensions in the slicers. Then I was able to get a good print.

Printed model

Supports removed

Four nacelles completed