Nuclear Power Plant Loads


Reactor Vessel

The reactor vessel is a large load that is typically shipped on a schnabel car. This load was created for the Concept Models WECX 301. These loads usually have a frame built around them when shipped on a schnabel car.

Ready to roll flat with generator load

Cast version ready for primer

Steam Generator

Steam generator is a heat exchanger that is the connection between the primary and secondary cooling loops in a nuclear power plant. They are typically shispped on either a large schnable car on as a connected load between two flat cars. This load has been created for the Concept Models CEBX 801.

Spent fuel cask

Cask on the flat car

Spent Nucelar Fuel

At a regular interval, the spent fuel needs to be removed from the reactor and move to storage. This prototype car is modeled after a Carolina Power and Light car with cask. The General Electric IF-300 cask is available on Shapeways, and was created by Stony Smith Designs.

IF-300 Cask Diagrams

Cask on the flat car

Spent fuel cask

Car ready for service

Spent Fuel from Three Mile Island  

Damaged fuel assemblies were shipped from the Three Mile Island nuclear powerplant to Idaho in model 125-B casks. These casks were shipped on eight axle flat cars with the IDOX reporting marks. These cars were owned by the United States Department of Energy Idaho Operations Office.        


Completed model 

Ready for paint and decals

Car and load ready for service